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SpotOn Team     SpotOn Productions is an award winning video production and photography company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded in 1998, as Murray Multimedia Resources, we have a rich history of providing creative development, video production, photography, and post-production services. Referral and repeat business is a large part of our customer base. Our clients include large corporations, agencies, small businesses, nonprofits, education, government, and more. We produce creative, engaging videos and brand films, SpotOn with your communication goals.

We work with decision makers who want to partner with creative problem solvers they trust. Our process… strategic yet simple… begins with a conversation. We ask questions. We listen. We uncover what’s exclusive and exceptional about your organization, product or service. We’ll generate a new creative concept or help you bring an existing idea to life in a way that effectively communicates with your target audience. We are storytellers at heart; we’re also writers, video producers, filmmakers, and editors by trade; and marketers, project managers, and communicators in practice.

To Create...
an impact on people, businesses, and community.

We help clients show who they are by shining a spotlight on what they do, and why and how they do it.  We solve business problems with video by using a proven process that values: impact, people, relationships, excellence, passion, and creativity

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Telly Awards
SpotOn Productions (formerly Murray Multimedia Resources) consistently wins nationally recognized awards, year after year, for its clients. The Telly Award is one of the most prestigious awards in our industry and we have received 24 of them in the last 13 years. Prior to 2018, silver was the top award given, followed by bronze. Starting in 2018 the Telly Awards added a new gold Telly as the very top award, followed by silver and then bronze.

2006 Silver Winner - Butler Tech Online "Your Future"
2007 Silver Winner - Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty "Endowment"
2007 Bronze Winner - Butler County United Way "Needs"
2008 Bronze Winner - Jeffery Thomas Hayden Foundation
2009 Bronze Winner - Butler County United Way "Live United"
2010 Bronze Winner - Great Oaks "21st Century News"
2010 Bronze Winner - Ron Esposito "Open Heart"
2011 Silver Winner - Voice of America Museum "America's Voice"
2011 Bronze Winner - City Gospel Mission "Whiz Kids"
2012 Bronze Winner - Brian Hock Design "Simple Hydration"
2014 Bronze Winner - Butler Tech "Bioscience Campus"
2015 Bronze Winner - GRK Manufacturing “Expand-A-Table”
2015 Bronze Winner - Winegardner & Hammons “Clearwater Beach Marriott Resort”
2016 Bronze Winner - Kokosing Industrial
2016 Bronze Winner - Butler Tech “Passion”
2017 Bronze Winner - Schaefer Inc.
2017 Silver Winner - West Chester • Liberty Chamber Alliance “I-75 Corridor:  Cincinnati-Dayton Metroplex 2016”
2018 Bronze Telly - Rhinestahl "Fogger"Video/Cinematography
2018 Bronze Telly - Easterseals "Otis"Charitable
2018 Bronze Telly - Constantia Flexibles "Craft Beer Labeling"Food/Beverage
2018 Bronze Telly - CareNet "When I Was 14"Not-for-profit
2018 Silver Telly - SAS Automation "Provimi"Corporate Image
2018 Silver Telly - HGC "We Are HGC"Corporate Image
2018 Silver Telly - SSRG "Tough Jobs Done Well" - Corporate Image
2019 Bronze Telly - Elite Biomedical "Why Elite?" - Cinematography
2019 Bronze Telly - Lakota Local Schools "Somos Lakota" - Education
2019 Bronze Telly - Kilee B. "Kilee's Story" - Cause Marketing
2020 Bronze Telly - Rhinestahl "Advanced Manufacturing Group" - Corporate Image
2020 Bronze Telly - Rhinestahl "Advanced Manufacturing Group" - Cinematography
2020 Silver Telly - Ulliman Schutte "Find Your Next Adventure" - Recruitment
2020 Silver Telly - Ulliman Schutte "Find Your Next Adventure" - Cinematography
2020 Silver Telly - Middletown City Schools "Middle Rising" - Educational
2020 Silver Telly - Family Promise of Butler County "My Family Story" - Social Impact
2020 Silver Telly - Aquatic & Garden Decor "General/Fountains/Planters" - TV Campaign
Telly Award Winner
Other Awards  
17th Annual National Mature Media Awards  |  Silver Award  |  Otterbein Homes “Little Things Mean A Lot”
ACCE 2015 Awards for Communication Excellence  |  Award of Excellence  |  West Chester • Liberty Chamber Alliance "I-75 Growth Corridor"



Creative, engaging videos and brand films
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