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SpotOn Productions
SpotOn Productions
SpotOn Productions
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Welcome to SpotOn Productions

A Full Service Award-Winning Video Production Company


Creative Concept

        Video Production

        Post Production
Generating a new creative concept or helping you visualize an existing idea.
        Creating videos that are on goal with your brand and your target audience.
        Mastering timing and rhythm to weave picture and sound into a compelling story.
Photography Cincinnati
        Motion Design Cincinnati
        Aerial Video and Photography Cincinnati
Delivering well-shot, high-resolution photos that are crucial to visual communication.
      Adding a new level of visual engagement or dynamic information.
      Capturing creative hi-res photos and video footage from a truly unique perspective.

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Creative, Engaging Productions…  
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SpotOn with your Communication Goals.

Featured Projects

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                Telly Awards Winner

                  We've Won Again!
                  The Telly Award is one of the most prestigious awards in our industry and we have received 17 of them in the last 12 years.  |  View Full List

SpotOn Video Production
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